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Tanya Gaw / Action4Canada - The Rise of the People's Party of Canada to Dethrone Trudeau

Tanya Gaw / Action4Canada - The Rise of the People's Party of Canada to Dethrone Trudeau

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In our latest interview we have the privilege of speaking with Tanya Gaw who is the co-founder (along with Valerie Price) of Action4Canada.
Justin Trudeau became the Canadian Prime Minister in 2015 and since then Tanya has been an activist seeking to oppose the progressive Marxist ideology that Trudeau has forced on the Canadian people.
As we have seen during the lockdowns, Canada along with Australia have been the most restricted nations on the planet. Trudeau uses every opportunity to stamp out freedom wherever he sees it and he brings a dark self loathing of Canada. Action4Canada was set up in February 2020 (same time as Hearts of Oak!) with the goal not only to educate Canadians but equip and encourage them to take action through letter writing, petitions and rallies. . . .putting action into motion!
Tune in to learn about the upcoming Canadian election and to hear of the great work that Action4Canada are doing to regain freedoms.

Tanya Gaw is a committed Christian and defender of faith, family, and freedom.
She was born and raised in Canada.
Tanya’s parents were immigrants from England and the Netherlands.
They were very grateful to live in Canada and they instilled in her a deep love for their nation.
She has two adult children, a son, 27, and a daughter, 25.
Tanya is the founder of Action4Canada, a grassroots, not for profit organization committed to upholding the Canadian constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Her greatest mission is to declare that Canada is founded on Judeo Christian principles which were inherited through our British Commonwealth, embedded in our Magna Carta, forming our laws and our values.
It is a system of governance that sets us apart from totalitarian, extremist and communist regimes and because of it…we have the freedom to believe…or not to believe…without fear of persecution, and even death.
The “Foundation” of democratic governments are under attack because tyrannical forces cannot reign where the rule of law and democracy exist.

Action4Canada is a grassroots movement reaching out to millions of Canadians and UNITING our voices in opposition to the destructive policies tearing at the fabric of this nation.
Through Call To ACTION campaigns, we equip citizens to take action.
We are committed to protecting…FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM

Interview recorded 10.9.21

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