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The Week According To  . . . Liz Phillips

The Week According To . . . Liz Phillips

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A firm favourite with our supporters, Liz Phillips joins us again for our regular look at the past seven days big news stories.
Topics this episode include Antifa issues kill list, Islam to educate people on women's rights?, California making COVID Vaccines mandatory for school children, NYC reports restaurants down 40% due to vaccine mandates, Australia introducing border passes and only opening up to the fully jabbed?, Mystery surrounds rise in heart problems, NBA stars walking tall and much more!

Liz Phillips was brought up as a farmer's daughter in rural Kent in South East England.
She has led a varied life, working in many industries including animal feed manufacturing, fencing, paper making and security.
Liz was on the management team that opened the first ever Argos store, she owned and leased three restaurants in Mid Wales and has even managed a 5000 acre estate in France!!
A member of both the Referendum Party and UKIP working latterly for Nigel Farage and Gerard Batten as PA, to help achieve the referendum and Brexit vote.
Liz also has fond memories of working with the late Stuart Wheeler to reach the same goal.
Married to an ex serviceman for the last 34 years, Liz and her husband started their own TV company (Freedom Digital Media Ltd.) in 2020 to rebut the propaganda and fake news from the MSM!!
This covers Freedom Digital Broadcasting for TV available on ROKU, Amazon Fire and on their website.
Liz and her husband are currently using their extensive knowledge of the security industry to re-train and help with the tutoring of Peace Constables/ Common Law

Episode broadcast 2.10.21
( we apologise for the sound in the latter part of the review, an earlier storm left our guest with limited internet! )

Stories covered this episode


Antifa Issues Kill List of Germany’s AfD Politicians, Chaos Reigns in Berlin Elections as WaPo Praises “General Acceptance of Results”


Glasgow's Muslim community want to educate people on women's rights in Islam

Islamic charity that outed teacher in Batley cartoon row is rebuked by watchdog


VIDEO: Emily Thornberry


US Schools

VIDEO: Gavin Newsom making Covid Vaccines mandatory for school children

U.S. Supreme Court's Sotomayor allows New York school vaccine mandate


NYC Restaurateurs: Business Down 40 to 60 Percent Due to Vaccine Mandate

Biden includes plan to be able to FINE companies that don't mandate vaccines up to $700,000 in his $3.5trillion reconciliation package


VIDEO: Dan Andrews making vaccines mandatory for workers

VIDEO: Australians now need a “border pass” to move within Australia

VIDEO: Australians open up to the Fully Vaccinated only

Italy and France

VIDEO: Italian truckers blockade against covid passports

Queues for food hand outs in Paris this week


Canadian Gov’t Can Now Seize Private Property in the Name of COVID

Stories for After hours

Mystery rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries

To Play Out

VIDEO: NBA star asking questions

Jonathan Isaac @JJudahIsaac Sep 28 NBA

VIDEO: Rand Paul
VIDEO: Slovenia

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