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Jannique Stewart - Critical Race Theory: The Left's Race Baiting Experiment That Is Destroying Our Society

Jannique Stewart - Critical Race Theory: The Left's Race Baiting Experiment That Is Destroying Our Society

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This episode we welcome back Jannique Stewart from Life Training Institute to discuss Critical Race Theory.
The starting point of a conversation on Critical Race Theory is that white is bad and must be removed.
It is the belief that the societal structures we live within today are racist and must be torn down and rebuilt.
This growing discussion pits one colour of skin against another, It puts the blame on individuals for crimes and inequality from hundreds of years prior and this debate is tearing our communities and society apart by blaming all issues and problems on racism.
Pointing the finger at others and apportioning blame never brings people together but only causes tension and division and hate.
Jannique has been addressing this issue since it appeared and joins us to help us grasp what it is and what the implications are for those who adopt this mindset.

Jannique Stewart was born and raised in Europe and after her family moved to the United States for her high school years, she competed for an Illinois State Title in a National Pageant and chose two issues that she felt most passionate about: Abortion and the sexualization of teens.
After winning her first title at the age of 15, Jannique began speaking in schools and churches on topics including Raising up a Pro-life Generation and Sexual Integrity—The New Sex Revolution, after graduating from Greenville Liberal Arts College, she entered the field of Pharmaceuticals and quickly rose up the corporate ladder to the position of Corporate Sales Training Manager, although she loved her job, she felt restless—she felt a passion to return to her first love: Speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves.
She left the pharmaceutical industry in 2005 and has never looked back, she joined First Care Family Resources, the leading Crisis Pregnancy Centers in South Florida in 2005 as a ‘sexual purity’ speaker and educator for their Prevention Department.
In 2010, Jannique became the Center Director for First Care’s Boca Raton Pregnancy Care Center, leading a team of women to provide counseling and ultrasounds to women faced with unplanned pregnancies and financial hardship.
She founded Love Protects in 2011, a ministry focused on biblical sexuality. She speaks to thousands of teens each year in order to help them connect sexual activity with abortion and to discover the importance of sexual chastity (purity).
Jannique’s experience as a Center Director for a Pregnancy Center, her vast experience speaking to teens, and her engaging speaking style, has led to many requests for her to speak about the unborn and the importance of respecting human life at pro-life rallies, churches, pregnancy centers, banquets, and schools around the world.

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