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Lord Monckton - COP26: Hypocrisies, Virtues and Climate Socialism

Lord Monckton - COP26: Hypocrisies, Virtues and Climate Socialism

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We are honored to have Lord Christopher Monckton joins us to unpack a brand new topic for us; Climate change.
With the COP26 conference just finished, it is a perfect opportunity to look at climate change and what the truth is.
*Apologies for the audio during Lord Moncktons introduction at the start of the interview, attack of the gremlins!!

Lord Monckton has been a vocal opponent of man made climate change for nearly two decades and its a pleasure to have him on.
Lord Christopher Monckton is the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, aged 58, businessman, newspaper editor, inventor, classical architect, trained orator and "high priest" of climate skepticism, prevented several government-level scientific frauds while serving as a Downing Street domestic and science policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher, saving British taxpayers billions. In 1986 he was the first to advise the Prime Minister that "global warming" caused by CO2 should be investigated.
In 2006 a London finance house consulted Lord Monckton on whether "global warming" would prove catastrophic. His 40-page report bluntly concluded that, though some warming could be expected, it would be small, harmless, and beneficial. Lord Monckton also found evidence that a well-funded clique of scientists, bureaucrats and politicians had been manipulating data and fabricating results to exaggerate the supposed problem. The Climategate emails amply confirm his suspicions.
His two climate articles in The Sunday Telegraph in 2006 crashed its website after 127,000 hits within two hours of publication. Al Gore replied to the articles, which provoked the then Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, to say during a speech on terrorism that "climate deniers" should be treated like Islamic terrorists and refused all access to the news media and Kevin Rudd, Australia's then Prime Minister devoted a 45-minute speech to criticizing Lord Monckton and other "deniers small in number but too dangerous to be ignored"!
Lord Monckton has given speeches, lectures, and university seminars on the science and non-science of climate in the US and all over the world, is widely consulted by governments, corporations, and professors, and has authored numerous papers on the climate issue for the layman, as well as for the scientific journals. Some 75 of his papers are published at He has challenged Al Gore and John Kerry to a televised debate on the climate, but neither has accepted. His feature-length movie, Apocalypse? NO!, is based on a lecture he gave to undergraduates in the Chamber of the Cambridge Union.
His paper Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered, published in 2008, demonstrates that a doubling of CO2 concentration, expected by 2100, will be harmless, causing less than 1 C of warming. The commissioning editor who asked for the paper and the review editor - an eminent Physics professor - who reviewed it were both dismissed for publishing it. However, recent results by leading climatologists support Lord Monckton's estimate.
A speech by Lord Monckton to 1000 citizens of St. Paul, Minnesota, where he drew public attention to a then little-known draft plan by the UN to establish an unelected world government at the climate summit at Copenhagen, received 1,000,000 YouTube hits in a week - thought to be the fastest-ever YouTube platinum for a political speech.
His speech about "global warming" to 100,000 mineworkers and their families on a mountain-top in West Virginia and his address to 15,000 at a Tea-Party Rally in Houston, Texas are also on YouTube. His interview with a Greenpeace activist in Berlin in is used in university law classes to teach debating and cross-examination.

Interview recorded 15.11.21

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