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Carl Benjamin - Online Safety Bill: The Silencing of Dissent & Debate Under the Guise of Public Safety

Carl Benjamin - Online Safety Bill: The Silencing of Dissent & Debate Under the Guise of Public Safety

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In May 2021 the Government published the draft Online Safety Bill which aims to safeguard young people and clamp down on online abuse while protecting freedom of speech.
As often happens, legislation that is introduced to address one concern opens up a Pandora's box in other issues.
In this case the supposed desire to protect people online will lead to a draconian clampdown on free speech.
To cause offence is now criminal, online discussion and debate can easily be misunderstood as communication is reduced down to text without any other personal engagement or context.
Carl Benjamin joins Hearts of Oak to ask the question......Will this bill end freedom of speech online?

Carl Benjamin is a British free-speech activist who came to prominence through his YouTube pseudonym Sargon of Akkad.
An outspoken critic of identity politics, Benjamin is a champion of English Liberalism, pushing back against the ideological subversion of the liberal society.
Carl began his YouTube career in 2013, amassing nearly one million subscribers and over half a billion views before being shadowbanned in 2019 by YouTube and Google for wrongthink. Benjamin continued creating content on his new main channel Akkad Daily, until November 2020, when he launched his new media venture

Interview recorded 29.11.21

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