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Lilith: NHS100K - Leading the Fight Against Government Vaccine Blackmail

Lilith: NHS100K - Leading the Fight Against Government Vaccine Blackmail

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It is inspiring to talk to people who have a grassroots crusade that is successful and this episode we are delighted to be speaking with Lilith, a paramedic of 7 years and one of the lead activists from the NHS100K campaign.
Launched just 3 months ago, it has grown in voice and support and is striking fear into the heart of government.
In 2020 we were told to come out and clap the NHS every Thursday evening as they were heroes, but this year those same heroes will lose their jobs if they refuse the jab.
The National Health Service employees have not changed, but the governments COVID tyranny has and the NHS100K is fighting for the right of everyone to make the choice about what they put into their bodies.
The powers that be have turned on the selfless key workers who worked incredibly hard during this plandemic, but Lilith and the campaign team are standing up tall, pushing back and has forced the government to announce a consultation.
Is the end goal of freedom to reject experimental medication in sight?

NHS100K is an initiative set up in November 2021 by a group of ambulance workers who support freedom of choice and reject vaccine mandates. brings together NHS, care, and social work colleagues - vaccinated, half-vaccinated and vaccine free, clinical staff and non-clinical, who are saying NO to a mandate. They stand united in favour of freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and informed consent.

Please give them your support at the links below.

Interview recorded 4.2.22
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