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David Kurten: Heritage Party Leader - By-Elections, Lockdowns & Censorship

David Kurten: Heritage Party Leader - By-Elections, Lockdowns & Censorship

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In this episode it is wonderful to have a chat to a former UKIP colleague, David Kurten. For over two years I was able to work closely with David in City Hall where I was struck by his strong beliefs, great public speaking skills, his deep grasp of issues and his ability to wind up London's worst ever Mayor, Sadiq Khan . . . . his interactions with him in the chamber were a joy to behold! As leader of The Heritage Party, we discuss the upcoming by-election in Southend West, future plans for his party and I ask him why he has been so vocal against COVID tyranny from the very beginning and how his honesty has landed him in Big Tech jail!

David Kurten is the Leader and one of the founding members of the Heritage Party, He stands for free speech and liberty, traditional family values, national sovereignty, and financial responsibility. He was in the London Assembly from May 2016 to May 2021, and sat on the Education, Environment, Fire & Emergency, Housing and Transport committees at City Hall. David has written over 50 articles on topics from knife crime to free speech to the transgender agenda for titles such as Breitbart, The Bruges Group, The Salisbury Review and The Conservative Woman and gives lectures on Cultural Marxism and political correctness among other topics, as well as after-dinner speeches, he has spoken at public events for the Bow Group and the Freedom Association, and at a number of conferences on Education and Free Speech. David studied Chemistry at the University of St Andrews, before completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the University of Bath. He has been a Chemistry teacher for 15 years and has taught in both state and private schools in Hampshire, Botswana, London, Bosnia-Herzegovina, New York and Bermuda. In 2014, David Kurten visited over 100 schools in 15 countries performing Chemistry lectures and demonstrations to enthuse young people to study and engage with Science on the Einstein on the Road Tour. David has been a welcome and outspoken voice during this ‘COVID pandemic’ fighting for body autonomy, freedom and choice for all and is a contributor at Evidence not Fear, which uses referenced and sourced COVID-19 information from official data, mainstream sources and world-renowned experts.

Links below to follow and support David Twitter and GETTR @davidkurten

Heritage Party Facebook and Twitter @heritagepartyuk

Evidence not Fear web site

Interview recorded 31.1.22

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