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Dr Jules Gomes: Church Militant - Italy: Push for Authoritarian Controls and Imprisonment for Non-Covid Compliance

Dr Jules Gomes: Church Militant - Italy: Push for Authoritarian Controls and Imprisonment for Non-Covid Compliance

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In this episode we are focusing on the COVID tyranny in Italy and it was wonderful to discuss this with Dr Jules Gomes,
who is the Rome Correspondent for Church Militant and he never holds back with his views and strong opinions.
Jules was able to give an insight into the controls imposed on the Italian people through the Green Pass that separates the jabbed from unjabbed and seeks to restrict and punish those who do want a novel experimental gene therapy.
Dr Jules also brings his fascinating insights into the inadequacies of the Catholic Church and the failings of the Pope to stand up for people's freedoms.
What hope is there for a country like Italy that is strongly Catholic if the Pope himself has succumbed to COVID controls and medical tyranny?

Dr Jules Gomes (BA, BD, MTh, PhD) is a Journalist, Academic and Social Conservative.
Dr Jules Gomes is the Rome correspondent for Church Militant, he used to write the weekly ‘Rebel Priest’ column for The Conservative Woman and has been a columnist for Frontpage Mag and Republic Standard amongst others.
Dr Jules earned his doctorate from the University of Cambridge and taught at the United Theological College, London School of Theology, and Liverpool Hope University.
He has been vocal on issues during the COVID pandemic such as masks, vaccines, Big Pharma, George Soros and the creeping global tyranny as well as Islam, climate change and LGBTQ issues, always holding The Vatican to account.

The most journalistically driven, polished, professional reporting on the Catholic church and its worldview comes from Church Militant. That news source, founded and run by laymen, turns a probing eye at church people and doings. It frequently makes enemies. Which means it’s doing its job.

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Interview recorded 9.2.22

Audio Podcast version available at ⁣ and all major podcast directories.


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