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John Vallis - Trudeau's Tyranny Shuts Down Bank Accounts - Is Bitcoin the Solution?

John Vallis - Trudeau's Tyranny Shuts Down Bank Accounts - Is Bitcoin the Solution?

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The financial crackdown on the Freedom Convoy in Canada will have shocked everyone.
When a liberal, democrat government has the legal right to cut off your access to finance, it spells the end of any cordial relationship between the people and its politicians.
John Vallis joins us to discuss the current situation and how Bitcoin could be the solution to this new tyranny.
Hearts of Oak interviewed John last year and his deep understanding and passion for cryptocurrency struck a chord with us, and when we witnessed Trudeau's latest crackdown on Freedom, we knew that he was just the person to help us understand it.

John Vallis is a proud Canadian, a passionate bitcoin advocate and an enthusiastic explorer of the profound implications it represents and is also one of the highest-quality podcasters in the Bitcoin space with his show “Bitcoin Rapid Fire.”
He has interviewed Bitcoiners of all ages and from all walks of life like developers, sovereign individuals and more, including Jordan Peterson and Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy.
He has also been using his platform in these recent times to question the tyranny being implemented in his home country, the leadership of Trudeau and the eroding freedoms of the Canadian citizens.

Links to John's Bitcoin Rapid Fire interviews mentioned in this discussion
Dr Julie Ponesse:
John Vervaeke:
Michael Saylor:

You can follow John at @johnkvallis on Twitter and you can find his podcast, Bitcoin Rapid-Fire, by visiting and his YouTube channel is at
Interview recorded 23.2.22

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